Website Contributors

First a big thanks to all of you that have come to visit our website.  We hope you enjoy what you see and maybe inspire you to come and join in the fun of playing your band instrument with us.

Additionally, this website wouldn’t be what it is without recognizing and giving a special thanks to the following:

Kathy Schoentag – for uploading all our recordings to YouTube over the years, as well as keeping our Founder (Bill Callen) and the members of the band current on all activities we participate in.  The “Videos” pages provide current and past band members the opportunity to reminisce on their performances and social activities while hopefully enticing others to join our bands and partake in the fun of playing and socializing with others who enjoy making music

Joody Bos-Parsons & Deb Harvey – for providing the majority of the photos you see on this website. We hope you enjoy the memories!